Found in 2006, N-51 Automotive's presence in the

market reflects a new breed of professional automotive

workshops. Starting out as an appretice in 1995,

Mr Neo recalls the initial years of his entrepeneur journey.

Challenge with long works days, he shares that passion

and deriving immense satisfaction from the entrepreneurial

process, has kept him going all these years. Through a

spirit of constant improvement. 


N-51 has registered key changes since its founding - going paperless in 2009 and launching its Warranty Program (corporate fleet maintenance). In under a decade, the growth and transformation of N-51 Automotive speaks of the leadership drive behind this successful SMEs.

  Having delivered its brand of brands of automotive expertise locally, N-51 success has also caught the attention of businesses regionally. Its growing presence now includes China, where ongoing project cater for the increasing luxury car market. Bringing the Singapore brand to developing market.


Led by Mr S.Y. Neo , N-51 Automotive provides professional vehicle repair and maintenance Services, catering for individual and corporate fleets.

As the appointed car workshop for a number of corporate vehicle fleets, its expertise in maintenance

is enjoyed by businesse and organization.These include THK Home Help Service (East),

THK Home For Disabled Adults @ Chai Chee,Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society,

San Qing Gong Management Pte Ltd, IMD Contractors Pte Ltd, Little Little Press Pte Ltd,

Turntech Precision Engineering Pte Ltd, VYY Pte Ltd, PD Door Pte Ltd,

Hope Ambulance Service Pte Ltd, Koo Chye Ba Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong Pte Ltd.

Amongst many others.



While individual and corporate clients enjoy the particular high standard of service provide by N-51, its speciality lies however in vehicle accident, claim and repairs. This stems from MR Neo's prior experience as a Senior Investigation Officer in the SPF (Singapore Police Force).   Specialising in traffic accidents, his extensive experience plays a key role in N-51 Automotive being part of the accident claim chain. As a one-stop accident claim specialist, N-51  provides claim recovery and processes damage accessment on behalf of their clients.   Its network of independent surveyors solictors and claim consultants ensure that the possibility of fraudulent claims through staged accidents are eliminated. Additionally, the one-stop service reduces the hassle and frustrations of vehicle owner who already face incovenience through road traffic accidents.


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